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berry & bloom farm 


U-pick bouquets and blueberries. Come to the country and stroll through the rows and rows of blossoms and blooms. There's not a flower you can't pick or a weed you can't pull! Make a bouquet with a friend or for a friend, relax with your family and take in all the beauty around you. There are thousands of flowers and umpteen varieties to entice you to create your own unique masterpiece.


The Little Farm at
Hillside Nursery

Visit kittens and chickens and cows, oh my! Check out their website for family friendly activites throughout the season! Also offering fairy garden supplies, a large selection of annuals, perennials and seed starters, there's something for everyone at Hillside. 

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Historic Homes of Chatfield
Self-Guided Tour

Early in Minnesota's statehood, Chatfield was a hub of settlement and economic activity. During this and the following four decades of growth; its speculators, merchants, and brokers built the stately homes & buildings you still see today. 

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Veteran's & History Museums

Chatfield Historical Museum
Thurber Community Center
Lower Level, 21 Second Street SE
By appointment only.

Veterans Memorial Museum
Chatfield Public Library
Lower Level, 314 South Main Street
By appointment only.

Artifacts, medals and uniforms of the brave men and women of Chatfield. Sports trophies, costumes, commerce and industry, clubs, art gallery, composite graduation pictures from 1930 - 1962.

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