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Our Story.

Chatfield is nestled on the Root River along US Highway 52 in the the heart of the “Chosen Valley." We’re a whisper away from 3,000 people (2,997 to be exact) and home to great trout fishing, beautiful scenery, and the only stoplight in the county, heck it’s the only stoplight on 52 from the Twin Cities to central Iowa. We hope you enjoy all our community offers and we’re sure you’ll find plenty of reasons to stop…whether for a day, a weekend or a lifetime.
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Incorporated in 1857 and named in honor of Territorial Judge Andrew Chatfield, Chatfield was the site of the regional General Land Office and a hub of territorial settlement. As a result, we are home to many historic homes and the oldest continuously running bank and newspaper in Minnesota. 

Our Namesake, Judge Chatfield, never set foot in Chatfield but we think he would be proud. 

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